Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thorpe/Ramsay: 'Works Of Friction'

Paul Ramsay Steve Thorpe: Works Of Friction
Works Of Friction gallery show at Art Terracina, Exeter Quay, Devon UK - 1st to 16th September 2007
featuring: 'Rock Works' - visual/sculptural pieces by Steve Thorpe and a sound installation 'Frictional Account' by Paul Ramsay.

The show will also feature other collaborative piece between these two artists.

Paul Ramsay recording Sons
Recording the Sons for 'Frictional Account'.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Consemble: 'Let's Build An Album'

Consemble: A

After the positive experience of working on 'The Sound Of The Field', I realised that an ongoing project, in which people submitted sounds to be placed within indeterminate compositions, would be a very interesting proposition - not least because it fulfills some of the aspirations around at the moment for music to be constructed communally.

The success of what is currently termed Web 2.0 - sites such as YouTube, MySpace, Flickr - points to the idea that clusters of people can assemble material drawing on the resources of what may be understood as a group mind. My thinking on this has been further influenced by the notion of open source, the practice of mail art and ideas of the global village.

I find the phrase 'Let's Build an Album' a particularly delicious one as it suggest a music venture akin to an architectural project.


And I'll return to this again...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Consemble: Open Compositions PMusic Project

Consemble: A

The open compositions 'Consemble' project was launched on July 14th 2007 after my paper 'Parallel Music – Towards a Utopian Compositional Form' was given on the final day of the Utopia 2007 conference.

The inspiration for open compositions comes from the idea of open source and how this has been applied to various arenas, including music. Consemble, in particular, has also been informed by the success of The Sound Of The Field project which allowed me to see the potential of opening up PMusic to participation from a wider audience (in fact audience is too passive a term - participants are just that i.e. active contributors).

The description of Consemble on the CL website is as follows:

'Consemble is a new Open Compositions venture launched by Chameleon Lectra on the 14th July 2007.

To take part, you are invited to listen to the current open Consembles and then email your own sounds - the ones you think ought to be included in the project - to build ongoing, indeterminate PMusic compositions. Every contributor will be credited and the work will be available, for free, from this site. Anyone may take part - amateurs, professional composers, sound artists, non-musicians etc. - there is no age limit. You may, of course, just want to listen to the pieces as they progress.

There are a series of project licences (Consemble: A, Consemble: B etc.) - each with its own brief and specifications to guide you; the intention however is to be broad, welcoming and inclusive. Consemble can be understood as a sound art or music project.

Please bear in mind that this work will be available for free to all, including children (so no pornographic sounds etc.) and no copyrighted material. Email details are provided on each Consemble page.

The project will last for at least 1 year and may well continue beyond.

Consemble is a licence for you to be a composer.'

Consemble: AConsemble: BConsemble: CConsemble: D
Open Consembles:
Consemble: A
Consemble: B
Consemble: C
Consemble: D

If you would like to take part, please visit Consemble.
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